My name is Dave Goeppner and I am the founder of Cycling Project Solutions.  My specialty is helping companies in the bike industry operate in top form.  This means 1) having the right strategy, and 2) having great execution.  

For over 25 years I have worked with companies in all areas of business (Finance, Sales, Operations, and Marketing).  This extensive, hands-on business experience enables me to dissect what is working well in a company and what is not – and then to make the right adjustments.  I also have considerable experience with today’s key drivers in the bike business (electric bikes, direct-to-consumer sales, and omni-channel sales).  

Whether your business just needs extra help with a specific project or if the entire company needs fine-tuning, I am the person for the job.  My approach is simple.  I listen to your needs, develop an understanding of what makes your company special, and then I work with you to create the best plan of attack.  I also help you implement the plan for quick, positive results.  

Please take a few minutes to explore my website and to learn more about my experience proven track record.  I hope that we can then have a conversation about how I can help your business.  

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