Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Operations

Monkey Faction is a start-up lifestyle bike brand.  My responsibilities have included helping with the forming of the brand (the name, look, feel, and identity), helping to design the first bikes, and guiding the company through the crowdfunding process (successful campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo).  In addition I currently serve as CFO and I manage the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service areas.  

CFO & Sales/Customer Service

EVELO is a leading direct-to-consumer electric bike brand in the US.  For this client I currently serve as CFO and am a member of the Sales and Customer Service team.   As part of this responsibility I have received Level 4 certification from LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association).  My role as CFO includes all budgeting, forecasting, cash management, and reporting & analysis.  

CFO, Strategy & Sourcing

BTI is a well regarded bicycle parts distributor in the US.  I currently serve in a CFO capacity, assisting them with Forecasting and Budgeting including scenario analysis.  This includes recommendations on how to best pivot to the ongoing changes in the bike industry.  In addition, I work with BTI on their growing portfolio of private brands.  This includes sourcing from Asia.

GlobalTeam logo design.jpg

Sales - Parts & Accessories

Global Team is the exclusive US agent for numerous factories in Asia specializing in parts and accessories for the bicycle industry.  For this client I serve as a sales representative helping companies efficiently and profitably source private label products across several categories.

Sales Management 

Redshift Sports is a manufacturer of value-added bicycle cockpit components.  For this client I served as the Sales Manager.  My responsibilities included hiring and managing the independent sales reps, pricing strategy, and assisting with distributors. 

Sales - National Accounts

Zeitbike is a boutique bicycle parts distributor in the US.  For this client I served as the Director of Sales for national account sales (ex. REI, Performance, etc.) which included presenting Zeitbike's USP (unique selling proposition)  to maximize both revenue and margin potential for both retailers and for Zeitbike. 

Project Management

Hawley Lambert is a distributor of bicycle parts & accessories in the US and Canada.  For this client I helped analyze the sales potential of Seattle Bike Supply's (SBS') parts and accessories portfolio as part of HL's acquisition of SBS.  Following  the purchase I managed a project to add SBS products into HL's portfolio including the data required for the purchasing and web catalog. 


Strategy & Sales Channel Management

Vanhawks is a creator of technology-enhanced bicycles whose goal is transforming how people get from point A to point B.  I performed a project assessing their current sales strategy and then designing a new strategy.  The new strategy leveraged their competitive strengths while aligning with the changing retail landscape.