Below is just a sampling of the the type of support I provide to companies.  Please visit my Experience page to see many more ways I can help your business.


Does your business struggle with cash-flow issues?  Do find yourself not having enough cash to buy inventory?  Does your net income seem stuck in neutral?  As an experienced CFO, I offer support in all areas of finance, including:  cash management, banking/financing/working capital management, profitability and performance analysis, credit, financial reporting, budgeting, and A/P.  I can help put your business on a sound financial footing, alleviate cash flow issues, and generate higher net income. 

Brand Management

Having a great product is just one part of the formula for success.  You also need to correctly position and support the product/brand.  As an experienced manager of multiple cycling brands, I offer expertise that will save you time and money.  Whether you are creating a new brand or fine-tuning an existing brand, I offer support in brand positioning, messaging, awareness, differentiation, competitive analysis, media-relations, and go-to-market strategies.  

Sales Channel Strategy & Management

Even with a great product and brand, navigating the multiple sales channels available today can be fraught with errors and false starts.  Should you go direct-to-consumer, through online retailers, brick and mortar retailers, or use distributors?  What about omni-channel?  Do you need company sales reps or would independent agents be a better choice?  These are big decisions that are critical to the success of your business. Make them wisely by investing in the proper amount of support.  My years of experience in sales channel management will help you both design and execute the optimal sales strategy for your organization.

Business Administration

In order to build a great business you need to have great people and have them in the right roles.  For most businesses this means scaling-up in a controlled, organic fashion.  It is too costly and too overwhelming to build an entire team all at once.  So when is the best time to hire for a position?  Does the sales manager come first or do the agents/reps come first?  Do you need a CFO before you hire an accounting analyst?  Perhaps you have been handling marketing yourself but now you have more projects than you have time for.  Is now the right time to hire a marketing manager?  I can fill your gaps and help you scale the business until it is ready for the position(s) to be filled by a full time employee(s).  This way you get top-flight support right now and only pay for what you need.