Finance & Accounting

  • Current client work includes CFO for EVELO Electric Bicycles and Budgeting/Forecasting and Analysis for BTI
  • 409A valuations, Reg CF reporting 
  • Former CFO for Hawley, a leading bicycle parts & accessories distributor
  • Oversaw all Accounting functions as well as Customer Service
  • Led the data analysis and discussion for strategic decision making
  • Secured funding for operations and expansion 
  • Held several senior financial positions at MCI WorldCom, Oce-USA, and WHP, Inc
  • BS in Accounting & MBA from Northern Illinois University 

Sales & Negotiation

  • Recent client work includes account management for both Redshift Sports & Zeitbike
  • Former US Director of National Accounts for Hawley with REI, Performance, etc
  • Former Vice President of Sales Operations for Dantis (web hosting company) overseeing sales engineers, contract development team, billing, and commissions  
  • Former Senior Manager of Business Development at MCI WorldCom  - leading the negotiations of over $300M in business annually  
  • Led numerous joint ventures, partnerships, and distribution deals in multiple industries
  • Professionally trained in Solution Selling methodology 

Marketing & Brand Mgmt

  • Lead role in brand development for Monkey Faction, including web, social, and media 
  • Former US Brand Manager for Storck, LOOK, and Simcoe bicycles 
  • Oversaw race team sponsorship for Storck 
  • Managed national demo tour and events for Storck
  • Managed and executed advertising strategies - print, online, social, sponsorship
  • Organized and managed trade shows for multiple brands
  • Created press releases and media kits for multiple brands
  • Designed and drafted dealer kits for multiple brands
  • Built sales programs including pricing, dealer terms, and commission plans for multiple brands

Project Management

Have led numerous, large-scale projects to successful completion, including:

  • Additional distribution centers for Hawley-Lambert
  • Customized price labeling for Hawley dealers
  • Point-of-Sale integration with RMS, Profit Plus, Lightspeed, Aimsi 
  • National prepaid wireless at MCI WorldCom for new revenue streams
  • Inventory tracking at Oce-USA to expedite reporting and decrease inventory shrinkage
  • Data warehousing at Oce-USA for improved communication and decision making
  • Integration of captive leasing company at Oce-USA - representing over 50% of the business


  • Client work includes Sales and Customer Service Manager for EVELO Electric Bicycles 
  • CFO for EVELO Electric Bicycles
  • Development and testing of electric prototype for Monkey Faction - using both technical experience and market knowledge
  • Level 4 technical certification from the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA)
  • Launched Evo ebikes in the US for Hawley (created sales programs, dealer kits, training materials, etc.)

Product Development & Sourcing

  • Development and sourcing of new bicycle models for multiple bike brands
  • Sourcing of rubber (tubes and tires) for private label brands
  • Valued relationships with Asian factories
  • Working knowledge of importing & logistics 

Sales Channels

  • Retail - Former Buyer/Purchasing Mgr for Free-Flite Bicycles (Top 100 IBD with multiple locations)
  • Retail - Former Senior Mgr of Business Development for MCI's retail division handling accounts such as Walmart, Costco, Sam's
  • Retail - Former Accounting Mgr for WHP, Inc with over 400 convenience stores in the US
  • Direct-to-Consumer - Current Sales & Customer Service Manager + CFO for EVELO Electric Bicycles
  • Direct-to-Consumer - Current Sales & Customer Service Manager + CFO for Monkey Faction
  • Distribution - Former US CFO/National Sales Director/Project Director/Brand GM and member of exec team for Hawley-Lambert

Investors & Funding

  • Private Equity - Nearly 20 years of experience working with investors (at Rapid Link, Dantis, Hawley Lambert, & EVELO) 
  • Private Equity - Taken lead on analysis, valuation, due diligence and entity integrations
  • Private Equity - Ongoing, regular communications regarding performance results, budgets and strategic initiatives
  • Equity Crowdfunding- Regulation CF funding
  • Early Adopter Crowdfunding - Have managed successful campaigns on both the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms