Dave is very easy to work with. He listened to our needs and put together a clear plan (which included success metrics) to help us meet our goals. He stuck to the plan and we were extremely satisfied with his work. Dave brought a wealth of knowledge that has been a key to helping us achieve our goals. And, due to his broad range of experience, we were able to have Dave work on a variety of projects across a number of areas of our business.  

Erik de Brun,  co-founder, Redshift Sports

Dave is a powerhouse. After losing one of our founders, Dave helped BTI through a trying time. His ability to navigate through a sea of attorneys, bankers, and CPAs instilled confidence that the company is on the right track. In an industry that is changing fast, his valuable ideas are helping reinvent our business while staying in touch with our core strengths.

Preston Martin, President, BTI

Dave has been able to adapt to our complex network of software tools quickly and easily, and has been a valuable and contributing member of our team from Day 1.  Readily absorbing the details of our product line came easily to him, and his communication with customers and team members alike has been thorough and detailed.  More recently Dave has added the CFO role to his responsibilities.  Since he began handling the accounting, our financial documentation has dramatically improved, and he is able to share that information in a way that it is understandable to the rest of the team and our investors.  

Bill Cummings, Director, EVELO

Dave came to the bike industry after spending several years in different industries and this has enabled him to bring a fresh, analytical and financial skill set seldom found in our industry. In addition to this skill set, Dave brings genuine passion for all types of bicycles and an ingrained drive to always find a way to make things work better. Over the years I have found Dave’s perspective and insight thought-provoking, and I think Dave can add significant value to businesses that truly have the desire to embrace improvement and growth.

Brent Graves, President & CEO, Cane Creek Cycling Components

Parts and accessory supplier Hawley LLC achieved a lengthy, high-growth phase during the time Dave was there - and it was no coincidence that it happened while he was in strategic leadership roles.   Dave led many critical strategic projects during his time at Hawley.  He was actively involved not just on the financial side as the CFO, but he also led many high-level projects, each one to success.  Dave’s commitment to the success of a project is unrivaled and inspiring to others to step up their game.  Dave has an uncanny gift to ‘read the tea leaves’ with insights others can’t and then to boldly use these insights to see and prepare for the future.  

Ian Cross, former US Sales Director, Hawley, LLC

Save your business time and money by contracting with Dave.  I have worked with him on multiple projects over the course of the last eight years and I can honestly say that he is one of the most thorough and comprehensive problem solvers in our industry. If you are looking for ways to make your company more profitable or to take it to the next level then Dave is your man. I have seen him tackle large-scale projects and have them profitable and streamlined in a very short period. He has lots of creative ideas and is able to execute on them. Having solved business development, marketing and financial problems for many companies in the past with humble confidence, I am certain he can help your business as well.  

Chris DuPuis, Vice President, Kent International